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Research Areas

We offer research techniques covering a wide range of categories and industries. Below are some brief outlines of a selection of our specialist research areas:

Customer Satisfaction

We assess cutomer satisfaction and loyalty using medias such as questionaires, surveys, interviews and data collection. All of these techniques will be fine tuned to match your companies specific needs and orientated around your companies mission statement. Our research will embody new, old and future clients as well as assessing the clientele of competitors.

Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty Research

Customer Retention survesy can help us discover the reason for customers dissatisfaction or departure from involvement with your business. We will help you prevent this from continuing to happen through small, simple and effective changes in Customer Relations and through obtaining Customer Feedback.

Employee Research

Employee Research is not dissimilar to Customer Research in the sense that both groups can be easily optimised through simply ensuring their satisfaction levels remain high. Usually, the happier the employee, the happier the customer and the happier your business. We can help you dicover what will motivate your employees and what promotes employee loyalty. This will result in increased productivity and less turnover.

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Brand Research and Consulting

The branding of a product directly represents the companies business strategy, values and their customs. Through Brand Rearch and Consulting we can help you definie a brand new or ambiguous brand or help you to refresh and exisitng brand that is in need of a revamp. We also specialise in redirecting existing brands so as to help them break into newer contemporary target markets.

New Product Research

Launching a new product into an unfamiliar market can prove volatile. We aim to help you greatly increase your chances of success. We use both qualitative and quantitative research to help you pin point any customer dissatisfaction or unmeet needs, and then, to resolve this issue in the most efficient way possible. We will assess market feasability and advise you on how to adjust your product/ brand accordingly. New Product Research will pave your products way to success.


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Our Mission

Whether your product is new to the market, has been innovated to resolve an unmet need, redirected to reach a new target market, or a succesful brand that has been given a visual rejuvenation, we provide our clients with our professional services that will give your brand the competitive advantage it needs.

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